Tongue and Groove or Click?

Morava Wood solid oak floor can be produced in two basic different profiles – tongue & Groove and click.

Tongue & Groove or Click?

Click Lock systems were initially popularized with laminate flooring systems. Their big sell was that they reduced the cost and increased the simplicity of an installation. When engineered flooring started becoming popular, the obvious choice for installation was to use a click lock system.

Click locking systems is hardly available on solid wood flooring in recent years. Morava Wood brings you the advantages of click system also on solid oak floor.

Tongue & Groove has been the accepted standard in solid wood flooring for many years. This system requires a more skills for installation, but does add some flexibility to the installation options.

To make a good choice here are some advices for both profiles:

Pro’s for click

  • Much quicker to complete an installation, floated installation*
  • No messy glues.
  • Less skill required to install (can lower installation costs), best for DIY solution
  • Easier to replace a badly damaged plank
  • Less chance on future gaps because of humidity changes in the room
Please keep in mind that for safety reasons the installations of above 25 m2 must be always glued down.

Pro´s for Tongue & Groove

  • More suitable to environments where there are extremes in humidity and temperature, click would face the risk or damage (wooden floor react on humidity changes and any excessive movement can cause a click joint to splinter or break; this usually cannot be repaired)
  • Professional installation of T&G using glue will make your floor more silent and comfortable as compared to floating systems
  • Can be installed on joists, click profile always require flat underfloor for installation
  • If you prefer wide boards, T&G is the only option, click is usually limited up to 120 mm width on solid oak