Cleaning and Maintenance

The surface of the boards is finished in the factory with a special wax-oil. We encourage you to avoid damage of the floor by sharp parts of the furniture or during construction activity.


An oiled floor should be vacuumed or wiped with dry mop but never too wet. An oiled floor should be regularly maintained.

MAINTENANCE once a month

Mix 250ml parquet soap to 10 liters of lukewarm water. Apply the soap water with a wet mop and move in the longitudinal direction of the wood. Wring out the soiled mop and rinse in a second bucket with clean water. All the rest water must be wiped out immediately. Never clean surfaces with water after as you may lose your protective layer. Dry approximately 1 hour at room temperature. The floor soap contains selected natural ingredients and provides a high nutrient value to the wood. Do not wash your floor too often as you could get the opposite effect. We recommend the soap maintenance once a month.


In case of stains or dirty floor you might use the Intensive cleaner. This soap is very concentrated and guarantees optimum protection against dirt. Mix 9 l lukewarm water with 1l Intensive Cleaner. Apply the cleaning solution on the wood by floor cloth and apply in the direction of the wood grain. Rinse the dirty floor cloth in clean water. Never clean surfaces with water as you may lose your protective layer. Thereafter you can use Maintenance oil or Refresh Oil. Maintenance with Oil Refresh is only necessary where heavy traffic has worn away the gloss and protective finish.


On heavily damaged areas (wine stains, cigarette, blows, ...) local renovation might be necessary. This is one of the advantages of parquet treated with hard wax. The damaged site should be sanded and then retreated with a treatment oil (1 or 2 layers) – ask your dealer for the treatment oil to get the best fit of the color used on your floor. For a perfect and uniform appearance treat the entire surface with maintenance oil.


For a heavily used parquet or insufficient maintenance the entire surface abrasion might be needed. 2 coats of hard wax applied by roller brush or pad are recommended. Either the treatment of entire surface with Intensive cleaner and application of 1 coat of hard wax might be an option.

Enjoy your floor!

ATTN: INSTALLERS – Caution: Wood Dust

Sawing, sanding and machining wood products can produce wood dust. Airborne wood dust can cause respiratory, skin and eye irritation. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified wood dust as a nasal carcinogen in humans. Protect yourself appropriately.