Oil finishing

Choose the right color and enjoy the natural beauty of real wood together with trendy colors. Oils will make your interior warm and trendy.

Instead of forming a plastic film like lacquering does, Morava Wood oiling is a modern way of finishing which leaves the pores open allowing the wood to "breath" and retain its elasticity. It also penetrates the wood deeper than lacquer and makes it moisture resistant.

Morava Wood is finished with natural UV oil with long term protection. Together with perfect protection of surface you get also the feeling of real wood every time you touch it.

Besides that, most of damages are very easily repaired with some wax or maintenance oil without the need to sand the whole floor.

The appearance of the finished wooden floor is satin-mat with the advantage of making the floor look warmer and deeper in color over the years.

If you can not find the desired finish in our assortment please contact us to request your desires.