Morava Wood Warranty

Morava Wood 15-years warranty

The producer offers high quality processing and finishing process that ensures constant quality and durable products that meet your expectations. Morava Wood boards come with a 15-years warranty in residential use against any manufacturing defect. Oil finishing durability cannot be guaranteed, since it depends on the maintenance provided by the floor’s owner. If maintenance is performed as described in the Installation instructions and using the recommended products, consumers will be able to benefit from their floor without needing to have it sanded and re-oiled.

Wood remains a natural product. An imperfection rate of total quantity below 5% is considered acceptable according to industry standards. Imperfections can be mainly the result of natural causes together with manufacturing process.

The provided warranty applies only if Installation and maintenance instructions as provided by the producer has been followed by owner/installer.

The warranty does not apply to non standard and stock deals

Manufacturer’s liability

The producer will repair or replace defective planks, at its discretion. When a plank is installed, however, it is considered accepted without defects by the owner/installer. Before proceeding with plank installation, the installer or owner is responsible for a final inspection as regards category, manufacture and plant-made finishing. The owner/installer must make a reasonable selection and reject or cut wood planks that show an obvious defect, no matter its cause. The warranty applies to defective products that exceed 5% of the total quantity in square feet purchased by the client (excluding losses caused by cutting the planks at installation).

The warranty applies only to the product and excludes any other compensation such as, without limitation, any damage to the buildings in which the floor in installed, to the goods found therein, any injury or financial loss, etc.

Humidity is wood’s worst enemy. The rigorous control of ambient humidity in the premises, of the concrete covering, of the subfloor’s base, of the subfloor, and of finishing floor planks is indispensable for successful installation and usage.

Exclusions from warranty

Morava Wood assumes no liability at the warranty’s expiry, and will provide no compensation:

  • For damages other than those listed in the section above, and herein excludes the coverage of any consequential damage of any nature.
  • If the subfloor doesn’t meet the installation standards recommended by the producer.
  • When a slight difference exists between the sample and the floor.
  • When a change in color of occurs during time as a result of exposure of floor to light.
  • If damages are caused, in whole or in part, without limitation, by a change in the humidity rate, by dryness or lack of heating.
  • If gaps between some planks and/or springing of planks appear as this might occur due to natural reaction to extreme humidity changes.
  • The producer declines liability regarding any kind of defect in cases where the installation did not conform to the standards, recommendations and guidelines mentioned in Instruction manual.

No retailer, agent, wholesaler, distributor, nor salesperson is entitled to modify the terms of this warranty.

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