General conditions

Important General Conditions

Solid wood flooring units must acclimate horizontally for at least 3 weeks (at the recommended room temperature of 20°C and relative air humidity of 50+/-5%) in the room where they are to be laid. The flooring shall not be stored vertically or leant on edges or against other objects.

Optimum climate conditions for the solid wood flooring are a temperature from 20 to 22°C and relative air humidity of 45 to 55%. A humidifier, thermometer and humidity meter will help you control and maintain a constant moisture level in the interior. Wood is a natural material. Humidity variations cause wood to move constantly, changing its volume and shape. In a dry environment it shrinks and, in a humid environment it expands.

The units may have some variations in color, these will later unify. Above all, the flooring will become darker during the first 3-6 months.

Although your floor has been produced with the greatest care we recommend you to check all units for damage before you start laying the floor. Damaged units can be replaced only if they have not been used.


  • Protect furniture and chair legs with proper felt or plastic caps.
  • Avoid bringing dirt, water and sand indoors by providing a suitable floor mat at the door.
  • Use (office) chairs and seats with soft wheels that are suitable for wood flooring and/or use a suitable desk mat.
  • Ensure that humidity in the room is always at least 50±10%. Use a humidifier if you need to.